Yoga Captured in Motion: Elevate Your Practice with Island Videography

Greetings, fellow yogis!

I'm Evangelos Tzoumanekas, not only a seasoned destination wedding videographer but also a devoted yoga photographer and videographer based in the enchanting landscapes of Naxos, Greece, and Athens.

A Visual Symphony of Yoga: For over a decade, my lens has embraced the artistry of yoga, capturing the fluidity of movement, the serenity of stillness, and the profound beauty of the practice. From sun salutations against the backdrop of Greek sunsets to serene beachside poses, I've had the honor of documenting yoga in its myriad forms.

Award-Winning Mastery: Recognized as an award-winning artist at the Amorgos Film Festival 2019, my commitment to storytelling extends to the world of yoga. Each photograph and video is not just an image but a visual journey, a meditation in motion.

Your Yoga, Your Story: Whether you're a yogi seeking a personal photoshoot or yoga retreat organiser looking to bring the essence of your practice to life through video, I am here to translate the soul of your yoga journey into visual poetry.

Let's breathe life into your practice. Welcome to Island Videography, where yoga becomes a timeless work of art.

Yoga Pomo Video

Yoga Location Amorgos - Greece

Yogi: @liztheyogi_coach
Poem: Max Ehrmann (1872-1946)

Yoga with Miriam

Promo Video of online yoga lessons with Miriam in Amorgos Island!.

Elysia Yoga Convention

Best Greek Tourism Film - Amorgos Film Festival 2019

Awarded in

10th International Amorgos Tourism Film Festival 2019

Astra Yoga Lifetrips

Indoor Shooting in Athens
Created by Evangelos Tzoumanekas:
Astra Yoga Lifetrips:

Aegialis YTT

Short promo video of Aegialis School of Yoga in Amorgos.

Astra Yoga Lifetrips

Promo video Astra Yoga Lifetrips in Mykonos - Greece.

YTT in Amorgos

YTT promo video for Aegialis School of Yoga.

Yoga Retreat Video
Thorne Wellness by Becca

Yoga Retreat in Amorgos.

Studio Shooting

Promo video of Astra Yoga Lifetrips studio shooting.

Yoga Retreat Video
Cassandra Foster

Yoga Reteat in Amorgos

High Recommend Retreats

Aegialis Yoga YTT & Retreats

Aegialis hotel & spa is recognised worldwide for being one of the top yoga destinations in Europe located in Amorgos island, known for its zen-like energy and stunning landscape.

Astra Yoga Lifetrips

Doina & Penelope, united under the stars and bring into life an experience that will allow you to discover the alchemist we all hide inside us.
Daily yoga classes, Meditation Techniques, Astrology Immersion, Numerology and a lot more are some of the ingredients of the recipe that will bring relaxation to your body and revitalisation of your mental energy.

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