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Cinematic Elegance in the Cyclades

Embark on a visual journey with our Cyclades-based destination wedding videography services. 

As your dedicated Cyclades Wedding Videographer, we specialize in capturing the essence of love against the iconic backdrops of Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Ios, and all the Greek Islands.

Our lens narrate your love story with finesse, offering Santorini Wedding Cinematography that embraces the timeless beauty of this Aegean gem. From the vibrant celebrations in the heart of Mykonos to the tranquil landscapes of Naxos, each frame is a testament of our passion for creating  Wedding Films that reflect your unique love.

In the intimate corners of Paros and the captivating allure of Ios, our focus is on delivering  excellent Wedding Cinematography that captures the intimate moments of your special day.

As your chosen Greek Islands Wedding Videographer, we blend the romance of the Aegean with the richness of your love story.

Choose Island Videography for your Cyclades destination wedding, where each frame is a brushstroke, and your love story becomes a masterpiece. 

Naxos Wedding Videography

Naxos, where timeless love meets Cycladic splendor. Amidst ancient beauty and sandy shores, your wedding tale unfolds.
#NaxosWeddings #AegeanElegance

Paros Wedding Videography

Amidst the Cycladic beauty of Paros, vows echoed against the azure sea.

Island Videography wove the tale of love, capturing every moment in the timeless embrace of this picturesque island.

#ParosWedding #LoveUnveiled #ParosVideographer

Santorini Wedding Videography

"Santorini: Where Love Ignites"

"Greek Destinations, Your Love's Canvas."

"Love in Full Bloom:
Becca & Kostas's Celebration at Navarino Resort"

Picture this: Navarino Resort, a coastal haven where love takes center stage. Becca and Kostas, surrounded by the beauty of Peloponnese, created a tapestry of memories on their special day.

As the sun dipped low, witnessed by dear friends and family, the couple not only exchanged vows but also bestowed a heartfelt baptism upon their little one, Danai. A symbol of love in full bloom.

Navarino Resort transformed into a scene of joy, where every guest became part of the story. Laughter echoed, glasses clinked, and the night unfolded into an unforgettable party. A celebration etched in the hearts of all who attended.

Relish in the beauty of Becca & Kostas's love story. Aa tale of union, family, and joy.

Delivered in 4K
Videography: Evangelos Tzoumanekas
Photography: Alexis Stefanidis
Venue:  www.costanavarino.com 

"Koufonisia Bliss:
A Seaside Wedding Tale"

Amidst the Aegean's embrace, Island Videography captured the essence of a family wedding in Koufonisia.A fish boat journey from Koufonisi to Kato Koufonisi set the stage for vows exchanged against the rhythmic waves. 
The beach bar reception unfolded in paradise, a joyous affair immortalized by Island Videography's lens.
A cinematic keepsake of love under the Grecian sun.
Videography:  @evangelos_tzoumanekas
Planner: @kallina_naxosweddings
Photography: Nikos Anagnostopoulos
Sax: @harissax

Wedding in Ikaria Island

This couple travel from America to the homeland and did the perfect traditional Ikarian wedding!.
Videographer: Evangelos Tzoumanekas - island-videography.com
Photographer: Manos Skoularikos - https://mskoularikos.com/

"Skopelos: Where Love Blossoms"

"Say 'I Do' in Skopelos, the island where love paints the skies. 
Amidst azure waters and lush landscapes, your wedding story unfolds like a poetic serenade, echoing the eternal harmony of your love. 
Island Videography captures every note of your Skopelos symphony."

Orthodox & Beach Wedding in Naxos

Dimitris & Becca had a full wedding day, with two ceremonies at Agios Nikolaos Church and at Agia Anna Beach!Family and friends celebrated their love!
Enjoy the Wedding Film!

"Dimitra & Hector's Orthodox Wedding: Waves of Love in Naxos"

At the picturesque Agios Nikolaos seaside church in Naxos, Dimitra and Hector exchanged their vows, surrounded by the timeless beauty of the Aegean. The ceremony, filled with tradition and love, set the stage for an incredible celebration.

The festivities continued at Yazoo Bliss in Plaka Beach, where the sun-kissed shores witnessed an unforgettable reception. Laughter, joy, and the company of cherished guests created an atmosphere of pure celebration, culminating in a fantastic party.

Videographers: @evangelos_tzoumanekas
Photography: Nikos Anagnostopoulos
Reception: @yazoosummerbliss

"Love in Full Bloom: Myrtidiotisa Church Wedding in Chora, Naxos"

"Love in Full Bloom: Myrtidiotisa Church Wedding in Chora, Naxos. A magical ceremony followed by a spirited celebration at Santana Beach Bar in Agia Anna. An enchanting union, a beachside party—the essence of love captured by Island Videography

Delivered in 4K
Videography: Evangelos Tzoumanekas
Wedding Planner: www.kallinaweddings.gr 
Venue: www.santanabeach.gr/santana-weddings

Pre Wedding Boat Trip

Embark on an intimate pre-wedding adventure as three catamarans set sail from the shores of Naxos to the hidden gem of Irakleia Island. The couple, surrounded by the laughter and warmth of their dearest friends, enjoyed a sun-kissed voyage over the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean.

As the catamarans gracefully navigated the sea, the air buzzed with joy. Against the backdrop of the Cyclades, the couple and their friends reveled in shared moments of bliss, creating memories that would forever be etched in the azure canvas of the sea.

From the gentle rocking of the catamarans to the panoramic views of Irakleia's untouched beauty, every moment became a celebration of love, friendship, and the anticipation of the impending nuptials. Island Videography was there to capture the magic, ensuring that this pre-wedding boat trip would be a cherished chapter in the couple's journey towards forever.

Wedding Planner: https://kallinaweddings.gr/
2 Catamaran by: https://naxoscatamaran.com/
1 Catamaran by: https://actionseaze.com/

Wedding in Apeiranthos, Naxos

Elegance wedding in Apeiranthos, Naxos
Adam & Grace
Videography: Evangelos Tzoumanekas
Planner: @kallina_naxosweddings


Emotional wedding in Antiparos - New teaser release
Videography: Evangelos Tzoumanekas www.island-videography.com
Photography: Nikos Efstratiou

Italian Beach Wedding in Naxos

A unique beach wedding in Naxos!

"All my Favorites Colors"

Wedding in Naxos with after wedding shooting in Koyfonisia island
New teaser release!
Videography: Evangelos Tzoumanekas www.island-videography.com
Photography: Nektarios Maniatis www.nekmaniatis.com
Wedding Planner: www.kallinaweddings.gr

Wedding in Naxos Island

Billy & Veta got married in Naxos at Agios Nikolas church in Agia Anna!A lot of friends was there in a very happy and emotional day!.
Videography: Evangelos Tzoumanekas - island-videography.com
Photography: George Katsaros

Wedding in Naxos Island

A couple full of love got married in Naxos!..
Videography: Evangelos Tzoumanekas - www.island-videography.comPhotography: StellaG - www.stellagioulou.gr

Wedding in Naxos Island

Beach wedding in Naxos
Videography: Evangelos Tzoumanekas
Photography: Sotiris Tsakanikas

Planer: www.naxoseyeweddings.com

Wedding in Naxos Island

This couple land to Naxos and got married in an amazing wedding!. Videograpphy: @evangelos_tzoumanekas - www.island-videography.com
Photography: Konstantinos Georgakopoulos

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